Friday, 29 March 2013


Right, well My review of Mila 2.0 will be going up later so here's a fan made movie poster I did!

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hello fellow reader. As you may have gathered I am a stickler for new designs and blog layouts and yet again we have another one. this one has probably taken the longest and has little aspects from every design I've had so far to make this one this most interactive and visually appealing yet simple and not to complex. So because of this you may have noticed design changes every day the past couple of days. This is because I was trying to build something that worked well across many screen sizes (including phones and tablets) and many resolutions! I am now happy to say the new and final design is up and running and I works extremely well across a variety of devices from computers to iPod, and that the mobile sit is also up and running! Hope you like it! Thanks!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


What is this you may ask? Well it's something pretty darn exciting! It's the Prologue to Lauren Kate's new book Teardrop! It's mega exciting and you can red it below!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Right so Cover of the week this week goes to Mila 2.0. by Debra Driza. I am absolutely in love with this cover and even more with the story. For those of you who don't have the heads up about this go read the blurb! It sounds amazing! I love the colours in this cover. I like how theres a lot of dark blue and then the pop of skin as well as the green eyes and text. I think the particles effect on the girl is insane and definitely represents the story and that tagline... well i need this book. Fantastic cover!

Monday, 11 March 2013


Book: BZRK
Author: Michael Grant
Publisher: Electric Monkey
ISBN: 9781405259958
Rating: A

An epic new page-turner from the writer who gave us GONE. A global war is raging. You can't see it. It's inside you. And it changes everything. Sadie McLure wants to find her family's killers. Noah Cotton needs to know what drove his brother insane. Their search for answers will throw them into the astonishing world of the nano - where biots and nanobots battle for supremacy, and the twitchers who control it all fight to stay sane. It's a fight for free choice. Every day could be their last. They've never felt more alive. Escapism doesn't get more thrilling than this.

Right so I had incredibly high expectation for this book and it's not that it didn't deliver, because it did but it wasn't quite what I expected. I mean wow. Grant takes us to a whole new world with this and when he said it would be down and under he meant it. God, some of those chapters made me squeam but at the same time I was kept locked in interest! I felt it was very different but I cant quite place my finger on it. Maybe it's because it was more focused on technology and things that could actually happen or maybe because his writing has changed completely but it was definitely a good different.

The story in this is pretty darn amazing. At first you haven't the slightest clue what's going on but thats the magic of it. It makes you want to read more. And this story is brilliantly crafted, and I can honestly say I haven't ever read a single thing like this. Nanotechnology is a new world to me and I love the way Grant showed it. The plot just kept on going. There were twists and turns and although there were a fair few characters they all spent time in the limelight and had twisted and unexpected stories to them. The story definitely was refined to every itty bitty detail and everything was explained an surprisingly simple to understand.

What I like about the book this time Is that it still held a large connection to reality and what is happening around us, because lets face it. In ten years time the contents of this book could be true. Now I definitely feel like the writing in this book was different to Grants writing in the Gone series, but thats not a bad thing because it seemed to suit the book very well. It became a lot more hard hitting and focused more on what was happening than thoughts and mind tracking which was nice. So many book spend time talking about feeling what you want to get down into the juice of the book. Or in this case the eye.

This is something I do want to praise Grant on. To be able to make a whole alien world out of an eye and spend chapters describing whilst keeping me interested. Well thats quite something and he has really impressed me with this.

The characters. Now there are two main characters but that put aside there are a fair few more. Although there are quite a few characters I felt as thought the limelight was shared equally, each character having a moment of climax and key parts in this story. And what I loved was that each individual character was so different and unique, with a different story to tell. Every character was just built up so well and perfectly that I cant wait to find more out about them.

Emotion wise I think it was hard hitting. Although I guess you could say it was a happy ending it's one of these book where it follows the 'Power Theory' as I call it, which focuses on that fact that there is no good or bad, only power. I find this a bit struggle in the book and Grant is extremely clever in doing this as both sides are good and bad leaving you in a contestant struggle to pick sides. Also I admit there is a fair amount of death and although it is an emotionally draining book it was well worth the read.

Overall a stunning read that I couldn't put down. An electrifying story and I can not wait for the next.