Thursday, 28 August 2014


Hello everyone!! Today I have something very exciting to share with you!! Today I am hosting the blog tour for Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini, and I feel so privileged to be a part of this because this actually such an incredible book (you can see me rave about it in my review, the link will be at the bottom).

So anyway for todays blog tour Josie will be talking about her playlist for Trial by Fire, about the sort of music she listened to when writing it and that she associates with it and I loved reading it because it was incredibly interesting and really gave me more depth to the book. Plus she has great music taste so without further ado here is Josie's post!

I always feel bad when I put my playlists together.  I have fringe taste when it comes to music and most of you will have never heard of 99% of what I have here.  
I worry because I feel like you won’t be able to connect to me in music—even those of you who connect deeply to my writing—and it will make you feel farther from, rather than closer to, my stories.  That sentiment goes double for this book.  I had to do go deep-dish weird to make this world come alive in my imagination, but what sparks my imagination may not spark yours.  I guess it just goes to show that everyone has more than his or her fair share of strange inside.  
And you know what?  I think that’s a beautiful thing.   

  1. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.  It would be what Lily would say to Tristan at the beginning of the
    book.  More than that, I listened to the White Witch a lot while I was writing this.  I <3 Stevie Nicks.  
  2. Aereal Boundaries by Michael Hedges.  Maybe what it feels like to travel through universes, weightless and disembodied.  
  3. Fineshrine by Purity Ring.  When I was writing the scene when Lily claims Rowan in the cabin I must have listened to this song a hundred times.  This whole album, Shrines, was my soundtrack for Trial by Fire.  I listened to it on repeat pretty much the whole time.  It’s “witchy sounding” and the lyrics are like spells.  
  4. Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.  Maybe what it feels like when Lily and Rowan fight as one.  
  5. Below It by Peter Broderick.  Vulnerable and private—like Lily and Rowan feel the morning after the claiming.
  6. Bridges by Broods.  Lots of betrayal in this song.  Ah, men.  Trust is such a big issue.  
  7. Archangel by Burial.  Another “witchy”, watery-sounding song that I played on repeat while writing the ritual scene in Rowan’s apartment.  Sexy, but creepy.
  8. Fascination Street by The Cure.  Club scene.  Also, Disintegration is one of my all-time favorite albums, so it needs a giant shout-out.
  9. Recover by CHVRCHES.  Lily wakes in Alaric’s camp.  She’s different after the oubliette.  Harder.
  10. Saltkin by Purity Ring.  Lily claiming an army.
  11. Plague by Crystal Castles.  Lily climbing the pyre, and the gathering storm.
Gorilla by Clams Casino.  Dark and dissonant—this song was on repeat while I wrote the final battle scene.  

So as you can see she has incredibly good taste in music and this book has a really fantastic soundtrack so if you haven't read it yet I suggest you go out and grab it now because its insanely good and if you want to know a little more about it check out the trailer below!

Also if you want to check out my REVIEW or FANART you can do so by clicking on the words :)
Hope you enjoyed!!