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MISSING BELIEVED CARZY - Terence Blacker - Review

Author:Terence Blacker
Publisher: Macmillan Childrens
ISBN: 9780330458498
Rating: A-

Missing Believed Crazy is basicly about a girl called Trixie. She wants the make a difference in the world. Help african children who are poor and homeless. It makes you realise the we should value life. What we take for granted could hep someon else out there. Life is short, thank for what you've got. 

It all starts of at this boarding school. Trix's mum is a famous movie star who has remarried a famous sports agent. Her real dad is a alchahol junkie and she has no siblings. She see's a newspaper articale about how when a girl went missing they raised loads of money, so she's uses this idea. Trix and her friends
Jade: A Hawt American
Holly: Jade's BFFAAD
Mark: The cool wnabe who eavesdrops and the plan and gets involved
Wiki: The walking Wiki-pedia
Anyway the pretend to kidanap her in the street during the holidays, and run of to Mark's godfather Gideon. A IN/SANE guy who thinks the goverment are trying to spie on him, so he has no TV, PC etc. In the book it switches between between charecters. Anyway there is this guy who Pete Bell (trix's real dad) got sent to prision. (when he was a sucsessful journalist) He is called the smiler and somehow finds out that the kids are staying with gideon and where gideion lives. When he goes to the house Trix and Jade stay hidden. He steals one of Trix's T-Shirts and cuts it up he then sends it to the funders helping to find Trix. After this incident the kids decide to leave and stay with Jade's apoling brothers. When the smiler gets his car back he also gets hold of a picture of the kids leavind his a car and getting into Jade's brothers car. With the number plate he tracks them down but her brothers manage to warn them in time. They run away and start to live on the street where they meet a girl called Jazz. Anyway at the time Trix's mum is up for an award in london and wants to show up there and explain everything. She manages to get someone to get them in and stays at Jazz's hideout for homeless kids. When they go to the event to get in the have some unexpected security but Jazz distracts the police so they can get it. When they get in their is loads of gasping and awe, as they explain the whole whilst her mother pretends to be glad but just wants the atention back on her. At the end Trix changes her name to Erica Jane, ditches school and her and Pete bell move to afria to help children and homeless children. It think it's holly's mum who adopts Jazz who goes to the school with them now, and the others carry on with a normal life

It's a good book and I would recomend it to anyone but I do think its for younger kids.


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