Thursday, 25 October 2012


Book: The Mark of Athena
Author: Rick Riordan
Publisher: Puffin
ISBN: 9780141335742
Rating: A

The phenomenally successful Rick Riordan is back with the next thrilling installment of the "Heroes of Olympus series". Can "Percy Jackson" and the "Half-blood" Heroes succeed on their quest to find "The Doors of Death" or will the Greek Gods of chaos win their battle to stop them? Percy and his fellow demi-gods face the most important quest of all - the Prophecy of Seven.

Hear my screams of pain as I long for the next book. Riordan has taken the world cliffhanger quite literally and I need the House of Hades. No really, this book swept me of my pegasus! Such a fantastic book, and after waiting for it for a year it did not disappoint. I adore Rirodan and all of his writing and he just seems to get better all the time!

This book picks up pretty much from where the last one left off, with the gang on their way to meet the roman camp. However, Gaia as she is, did everything in her power to start a way and she did. Then Nico is dying, annabeth has to follow the park of athena and the quest begins. The face many monsters and challenged all the way to the end when...

The plot of this one s a lot more complex that the other book in this series because it follows to main stories this time, because within one quest their are too separate quests! Hazel's and annabeths. This plot definitely had a lot of time put into making it perfect and spectacular. The plot was so refined and perfect it was practically squealing with delight!

The writing in this book is the same as ever with Riordan. Perfect. Her has such a way of building magical worlds and pictures in our mind. He has the amazing ability to spin the fantastic stories together with mythology to create these beautiful masterpieces. The Writing was just perfect, a balance of dialogue and description to build up vivd pictures in your mind.

The characters were all already known so it was really a case of building them up in your mind. You got a sense of them all and became closer to them learning more and more about them all, especially some rather unexpected history to certain characters. You felt closer to the characters in the book and they became your friends.

M favourite characters would have to be Annabeth. It's mainly because i felt she really had a chance to shine in this book, because for as long as we can remember she has always been in the sidelines in every single Percy Jackson or HOO book and in this one it's her turn to be the main role. Her turn to take the lead and it was really nice to take a look at a annabeth and get to know her better.

My favourite scene it more a collection, but it's definitely when Annabeth starts the quest for the Mark of Athena in greece. It's just such a tense, suspenseful part of the book and it totally hooks you. Rioridan has mastered to art of enthralling a reader, because annoyingly, he seems to know exactly where leave a cliffhanger...

Overall I absolutely adored this book and it was just such a beautiful yet fiercer thrill ride to read. I need the next one now.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Book: the Rise of Nine
Author: Pittacus Lore
Publisher: Michael Joseph
ISBN: 9780718156497
Rating: A

Until I met John Smith, Number Four, I'd been on the run alone, hiding and fighting to stay alive. Together we are much more powerful. But it could only last so long before we had to separate to find the others ...I went to Spain to find Seven, and I found even more, including a tenth member of the Garde who escaped from Lorien alive. Ella is younger than the rest of us, but just as brave. Now we're looking for the others - including John. But so are they. They caught Number One in Malaysia. Number Two in England. And Number Three in Kenya. They caught me in New York - but I escaped. I am Number Six. They want to finish what they started. But they'll have to fight us first.

When starting this I had heard that the author had changed so I was slightly more aware and paying attention to the writing style when reading this but it was a perfectly written novel. I absolutely adore this series. It's unlike any scifi I have ever read and for someone who isn't a scfi fan this series pleases me so much, so when I got my proof of this, I quickly sniffed the book and started to read.

I feel like things are finally starting to come together in this book! All the numbers (remaining)) except for 5 are all together and it seems like they are finally getting somewhere. This book was just as action packed if not more and has so much technology that it was practically already on my good list before I had finished it. The plot is definitely a lot deeper and more complex now the story lines is progressing and relationships are progressing. Furthermore i really like the variations of POV's and the age differences which provide a different insight to each of the situations.

The writing as I mentioned didn't cause much of an issue but I did sometimes feel like the writing was treating the reader a tad too much like a child but apart from that there were no qualms. It was pleasure for sad, just the right amount of description and dialogue, creating vivd and sharp scenes in you minds as you read the book.

The characters were all much more built up in this book. Pervious characters became more emotionally connected and real and new characters gave a thrill and excitement to the book. Also there were some extremely interesting things revelled about many a character in this novel. All of the characters have really solid foundations and and really strong roots, most of which we have had an insight too, especially for, but many others are explained further in this book. In this book my favourite character had to be Marina. I don't know why but I just seemed to take and instant liking and warming to her and she just seemed so sweet and innocent and understanding.

Overall this a fantastic book, jam packed with action and thrill ready to keep you entranced till the very end!


Book: Stolen Nights
Author: Rebecca Maizel
Publisher: PanMacmillan
ISBN: 9780330520454
Rating: A

The pulse-quickening, heartbreaking, devastatingly powerful follow-up to INFINITE DAYS. Lenah Beaudonte should be dead. But having sacrificed herself to save another, she finds herself awakening with strange powers that are neither vampire nor human - and with a new enemy on her trail. In her vampire life, Lenah had thought that being human was all she ever wanted; but the human heart suffers pain, heartbreak and loss. With her new powers growing and the dark force of the Nex after her soul, Lenah faces a choice: between the mortal love of gorgeous Justin, whose passion fed her human soul, and taking a different path to become the mistress of her own destiny, wherever that may lead ...

Now this is what I"m talking about. This is what I have been waiting for way too long and it was exactly what I wanted. Picking up right after the dramatic events of the predecessor Stolen Nights follows Lena and Vicken as she struggles to keep Rhode within her grasp but deny their love whilst realises her true feeling for Justin. 

Boy did this blow me away. This is a really deep emotional book. The plot was amazing. The amount of time and effort that was poured into this book and the plot is absolutely amazing and this was well worth the wait. The plot was so delicate yet extravagant and dramatised at the same time that it simply mesmerised, sending you into a trance, from which you could not break. It was glued to this.

The writing was amazing as ever. Maizel ha this beautiful simplicity to her writing that makes it a absolute pleasure to read. The writing just flowed so smoothly and perfectly like a river so to speak and it just sent you reeling in awe. The combination of the plot with the writing was an utter match made in heaven.

Now this goes in a complete different direction introducing Vicken, who we TBH don't particularly like from book 1 and in this book that completely changes. As he becomes a main character you get let into his head and you really warm to him. You realise what he is truly like and you get to hear his story which is extremely different to Lena's.

This book verges a lot more onto the magic side, and I really like that, because I always find that YA fiction seems to try and stay to real and I am perfectly happy with a full blown Fantasy because who doesn't love a bit of magic. This is definitely a good to read.

After waiting for this was so long I was not disappointed and I honestly can say this book was a pure and utter pleasure to sink my fangs into. (if you'll pardon the pun)

Monday, 10 September 2012


The Making of a Cover in 20 Easy Steps

1.       Have a discussion with my editor about my (fairly lame) ideas for a cover. Use the word “FIRE” a lot until finally my editor admits that all I seem to want is a cover that is on fire.

2.       Agree that the cover on fire would be awesome, if somewhat dangerous, and that bookstores might show a certain reluctance to shelve a flaming missive by other flammable books.

3.       Leave the cover design in the capable hands of Harper’s amazing design team.

4.       Hear from them a few weeks later that they’re thinking of using a super long cloak to wrap around the spine the way the dresses wrap around the spine in the Luxe books.

5.       Squeal at the brilliance of it and ask if the title can be flame-tipped because … Fire. How cool would that be?

6.       Learn that the cover will be a photo shoot and that they are auditioning models.

7.       Pick out the model with editor and agree that she’s fierce and perfect for the character of Rachel.

8.       Receive a cover comp a few weeks later that looks like anime fan art but that is undeniably COOL even though there is no fire anywhere in sight.

9.       Be assured that the cover comp isn’t the real thing, but just a way for the art department to work out the design specifics before they actually do the photo shoot.

10.   Also discover that wardrobe is sewing a long cloak specifically for the book.

11.   Begin dreaming about breaking into Harper after the photo shoot and absconding with the cloak to wear at signings and Halloween and Christmas and my neighbor’s uncle’s kid’s best friend’s birthday party.

12.   Wait eagerly for news about the success of the photo shoot.

13.   Wait even longer for the first official draft of the cover.

14.   Receive the draft of the cover, open the email, and feel tempted to lick the monitor because the cover is STUNNING.

15.   Decide it no longer matters if there’s fire anywhere on the cover because this idea is so much better.

16.   Read through the list of revisions sent by the art department (font change, bring leaves out of the background, minor color changes) and sign off on them.

17.   Share the cover draft with three closest friends who all are tempted to lick their monitors as well.

18.   Wait a few more weeks and get final cover copy.

19.   Nearly cry because it’s so perfect for the book, and because suddenly it seems REAL.

20.   Start the entire process over again for book 2, only without the mention of lighting the entire thing on fire.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Book: Debutantes
Author: Cora Harrison
Publisher: PanMacmillan
ISBN: 9781447205944
Rating: A

It's 1923 and London is a whirl of jazz, dancing and parties. Violet, Daisy, Poppy and Rose Derrington are desperate to be part of it, but stuck in an enormous crumbling house in the country, with no money and no fashionable dresses, the excitement seems a lifetime away. Luckily the girls each have a plan for escaping their humdrum country life: Rose wants to be a novelist, Poppy a jazz musician and Daisy a famous film director. Violet, however, has only one ambition: to become the perfect Debutante, so that she can go to London and catch the eye of Prince George, the most eligible bachelor in the country. But a house as big and old as Beech Grove Manor hides many secrets, and Daisy is about to uncover one so huge it could ruin all their plans - ruin everything - forever.

Debutantes is definitely one to remember. I don't usually read stuff like this and I tend to shy away from historical fiction but after enjoying Pretty Young Things I thought I would give this a go, and I was more than pleasantly surprised. This book blew me away. This was just a whirlwind of mystery, love, and a good ol’ tale about family and friendship. It’s a beautiful crafted novel, that will keep you up for hours reading!

The plot is a masterful one, set in a time which I haven't read much about, so it’s clear a lot of research went into it. The plot is very unique and although it has some of the historical fiction cliches, I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it before, and that I loved it. It was a tantalizing mix of romance and mystery, but not paranormal in any way.

There isnt really a main character because it seems to be fairly split between the sisters but If I had to say one, I would say that Daisy seems to take more of the attention than any of the other girls and she is the one you get to know the most!

The book in itself was very easy flowing and growing and simple to understand. There were no complexities or hard parts to understand. It was all really easy to understand, and it flowed very smoothly.

The writing is gorgeous. Harrison knows how to please the mind, building a whole new timeframe in your mind, transporting back to the 20’s with the vivd description and beautiful prose. The writing really was a pleasure to read and I would love to see a sequel in the works.! I’m a stickler for a series. I just love them!

Overall the book was a gorgeous novel, masterfully crafted and written with the uptomost effort. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Book: Snow white and the huntsman
Author: Lily Blake
Publisher: ATOM
ISBN: 9781907411700
Rating: C

A breathtaking new vision of a legendary tale. Snow White is the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen who is out to destroy her. But in a twist to the fairytale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed becomes her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen. Includes fold-out film poster!

I liked tis book. I really did and I think the only thing that let it down was the storyline, which by no means was fault of the author but the script writer as this is a book of the film type of book.

The book is very burtonesque and dark and gothic, definitely a new tale on the classic tale of snow white and the idea is really good. The story hasn't been done before and the concept is clever and witty but I felt a lack of magic for a fairytale so beautiful and magical. I just felt the magic was limited to the queen and when your expecting ugh a magical book this kind of lets you down, to find magic only used in snippets of it.

The writing however was absolutely gorgeous. It was so whimsical and airy. Almost lyrical, it just flows so smoothly, a cascade of prose and description building up scenes, characters and emotions in your mind in such vivd detail that it's just beautiful. I honest gloved it so much and would definitely like to see more from this author.

The description was perfect, there wasn't to much and it was perfectly balanced with the dialogue and the actual storyline to relay the novel to in perfection.

The characters were very different from the typical disney ones and i found it nice. I liked the way every thing wasn't perfect and that all the characters seemed to have this slightly darker more gothic side to them. It really added atmosphere and character to the book, and I was definitely influenced by the casting from the film.

My favourite character would have to be queen ravena. She is just so awesome, and the only one with magic. But what i liked about her this time was that she wasn't simply evil, for no reason like in the disney one. she was so much deeper. She had a story to tell herself. she had reasons and she had a history and it wasn't as simple as black and white. there was a grey.

Overall the book is a witty, fast paced, whimsically dark retelling of the tale of snow white and I absolutely love it.


Book: The serpents Shadow
Author: Rick Riordan
Publisher: Puffin
ISBN: 9780141335681
Rating: A+

Carter And Sadie Kane, descendants of the magical House of Life, are in pretty big trouble. Despite their bravest efforts, Apophis, the giant snake of Chaos, is still threatening to plunge the world into eternal darkness. Now the Kanes must do something no magician has ever managed - defeat Apophis himself. No pressure there then. Battling against the forces of Chaos, their only hope is an ancient spell - but the magic has been lost for a millennia. Will they find the serpent's shadow, or will they be led to their deaths in the depths of the Underworld?

Ok, so this review is well overdue and well over the last year if I've learnt one thins it's that blogger hates me... Any way the review.

The Serpents Shadow is the final book in the amazing Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan who is intact one of my most favourite authors in whole wide world, and this book did not disappoint at all. I love Riordans book beau case every time you read his next book it just gets bette rand better! Its like he just turns it up a notch with every new book! 

The Serpents shade picked up where The Throne of Fire, pretty much left of with the storyline {not the same location or anything}. The story follows Carter, Sadie, their monkey and the rest of their crew as the battle monster, demons and a whole load of evil magicians, not mention Apophis before the sun is swallowed and the world is ended. So yeah! Definitely one to read.

The plot line in this was everything you want for a last novel. If was fast paced, action packed, and funny in all the right places, keeping you reading till the depths of night. This book keep you filled with a sensation of fear, tense, or even happiness/laughter at all times!

The characters were pretty much the same, barely any new ones being introduced, which is always nice because you get to know the existing ones, even better, and become even closer to them. They really grow on you and the added gods and goddesses really take a larger role. My favourite character would have to be Carter, just because I feel sadie often overpowers him and he's a tad quieter.

Overall and brilliant novel and a fantastic way to end a fantastic series. Riordan has finished this saga and only has the Heroes of Olympus left to finish but maybe a spin of series for this! I would love it!

Thursday, 5 July 2012


Book: The immortal Rules
Author: Julie Kagawa
Publisher: Mira INK
ISBN: 9781848450943
Rating: A

In a future world, vampires reign. Humans are blood cattle. And one girl will search for the key to save humanity. Allison Sekemoto survives in the Fringe, the outermost circle of a vampire city. By day, she and her crew scavenge for food. By night, any one of them could be eaten. Some days, all that drives Allie is her hatred of them. The vampires who killed her mother and keep humans as blood cattle. Until the night Allie herself is attacked - and given the ultimate choice. Die...or become one of the monsters. Faced with her own mortality, Allie becomes what she despises most. To survive, she must work with her vampire creator and learn the rules of being immortal. Including the most important: go long enough without human blood, and you will go mad. When Allison is separated from her creator, she flees into the unknown, the world outside her vampire city, beyond the wall. There she joins a ragged band of humans who don't know what she is, seeking a legend - a possible cure to the disease that killed off most of humankind and created the rabids, the mindless creatures who threaten humans and vampires alike.

For starters may I apologise for the fact that this review is well overdue, due to technical issues with blogger.

When I heard about this I was very skeptical because, Vampire novels dominate the YA genre, and their dare some many that you have to be careful, but because it was written by Kagawa and I adore her Iron Fey series, I was willing to give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised. This was a fun and gripping novel, definitely taking completely new twist on the vampire genre, making it an enjoyable read with my fellow bloodsucking friends.

The book is basically in a post apocalyptic world where Vampire pretty much ruled, using humans as cattle, and then you get the humans who refuse o be used and are basically the slummers. The book is based on Alice, a slummer who ends up as vampire and da dum: she sets out on her quest of discovery.

The plot is definitely like nothing I've red before but in a good way. It keeps you tight and captivated, always interested by what will happen next. It's definitely different and quite unique but I really did love the whimsically twisted plot. I have to admit it does take about three quarters of the book before you can actually if the plot is going anywhere, but nevertheless it is worth the wait and the first three quarters are ever amazing.

The writing is a beautiful as Kagawa's usual style. Just as lyrical and descriptive as I remember [from the iron fey]. the words flow so smoothly, and each one you savour, like cake. And to be honest, for a pretty large book, there is no unnecessary writing. This book is pure talent and pure amazingness. In fact when you read it, it is all so vivid it all plays out in you mind, and beautiful scribe of fantastical prose.

The characters are perfect in very way. They are all so perfect built up and all so right in every way. You hate who your meant to hate you love who your meant ti love and everyone just seems so perfect for the story they star in. The emotions are so vivid, especially helped by first person, that the characters become your friends and you see them.

Overall I did adore this book to the utmost and It was definitely a thrilling ride of blood, gore, love, mystery, mystery romance and horror. A true masterpiece.


As you can see Excellent Reads has been victim to a makeover and I have changed it all up a bit, going for more of this cool vintage look, and we'd also had our old design for over a year so it was time for a new look and a belated blogoversary celebration! Hope you like!

Monday, 18 June 2012


Book: Rapture
Author: Lauren Kate
Publisher: Doubleday
ISBN: 9780385618120
Rating: A+

The sky is dark with wings ...And time is running out for Luce and Daniel. In order to stop Lucifer from erasing the past, they must find the place where the Fall began. Only Luce can break the curse, and it is her choice alone that will decide all of their fates. But as "Dark Forces" gather, great sacrifices will have to be made in this final, epic struggle ...In the fight for Luce, and for Love, who will win? This is the astonishing conclusion to the "FALLEN" series. Heaven can't wait any longer.

Beautiful... when books are this amazing I always find it are to write reviews because they can not be put into words. I have been trying to write this review for weeks but I think I finally cracked it. This book is definitely how you finish a series, in the most beautiful, touching, eloquent dramatic and fantastic ways. The book left me wonderstruck, both in awe and sadness. Sadness to see the series end (as it has been truly beautiful) and {SPOILER} there is a very sad ending. {SPOILER END}

The book starts with the angels and nephilim knowing that they have to stop the fall again, and they starts by trying to find the place of the fall. They then set out and travel across the world trying to find the three objects that will help reveal the place of the fall, but obviously it's not the simple. In the end they get them all, find the place, and ugh secret is revealed, they succeed and the incredibly sad ending continues... though its sad and happy at the same time.

The suspense in this novel (or rather for this novel) was so overwhelming I could not wait to get my hands on this book and I adore it so so so much! The plot line was absolutely fantastic. The books have honestly got better and better with each book and I can honestly say that this book is honestly perfect. Heavenly. Every single aspect is perfect and the hold books is complete in harmony. The storyline is clear, and easy to understand and so much effort has been pureed into this piece of master craft.

Now, I actually love Lauren Kate's writing. I have always loved hers and that was even fuelled more by Passion as I am a sucker for  tons of description, and this novel didn't fail. The description was beautiful, so crisp and vivd playing out in your mind. The dialogues was mastered out carefully, twists and turns where you need them. I find her writing gorgeous to read. It's so whimsical and angelic, and almost lyrical. It's like music to my ears, so I would love to see more from kate.

{SPOILER PARAGRAPH}Now my favourite scene in this novel would have to be both the Luce big secret scene and the end. Basically to stop the gina announcer carrying the fall luce has to get into it, but how? With wings of course. I just think its so beautiful to find out that all along Luce was an angel, and that you get to see her whole history in heaven with Daniel and Lucifer, and to find out that Daniel is not the once cursed but her. My second favourite scene would have to be the happy ever after at the end, thought it sad for a very tragic reason but I'm not going to spoil that for you, because it really is a super tragic end! {SPOILER END}

The characters are at their climax in this novel. This novel has the power to solely focus on the story and plot line because everything you need to know about all the characters has been grown and introduced in the predecessors (except about dan and lu). So what do we do? We get some amazing new characters, who really give that kick to the book! We get some really good, heart warming feel good characters. I also feel that in this book you get to see all the characters in their true beauty and perfection, even the bad guys, because what I love about Kate in this book is that she hasn't played on the bad guys being evil, but more on that fact that no one is evil for no reason. Something makes them do it, and that deep down there is always light. *hint hint* notmentioninganynameslucifer

My favourite characters would have to be luce through and through. And arinane. Ariane only because of mad awesome sauce, and because you get some really good feel good moments and laugh out loud moments with her and she is undeniably ice cool. Luce, because everything about becomes more perfect about her and she literally is pure, and it comes out in the end that she is  neither evil nor good, but truly in love, and that she is purer that god, because she doesn't play for a side. She's fights for her love and in all the world that is all she wants.

Now I must end the review to this gorgeous book and you must read it. I can honestly say that this book gave me chills reading it. It is a gorgeous book, with lyrical prose and beautiful description. 

I would read a million times till the Rapture of this world.

I love the books with a Passion so undeniable.

A life without this series would be Torture.

I have Fallen... for Fallen.

Friday, 15 June 2012


Book: Goddess Interrupted
Author: Aimee Carter
Publisher: Mira
ISBN: 9781848450783
Rating: A

After surrendering her mortal life, Kate's about to be crowned queen of the mythical Underworld, home to the Gods. Her king - dangerous, mesmerising Henry - the boy she sacrificed everything for, is becoming ever more distant and secretive. Then he is abducted in the midst of her coronation. Forced to take up her role in a bitter war between the Gods, Kate battles to save Henry's life. Worse, her only hope of victory means turning to Persephone, Henry's first true love...and the greatest threat to Kate's future. Kate now knows that rescuing the one she believed to be her destined soulmate could mean losing him forever. 'A fresh take on the Greek myths adds sparkle to this romantic fable.' Cassandra Clare on The Goddess Test

I can honestly say this was brilliant, and beat it's predecessor by miles. I loved the Goddess test and I didn't realise this series could get any better until I read this book! Boy, carter is good.

The Book was pretty easy to pick up, because although it didn't start right from the point that the last book left off, it was very easy to understand! The plot was very good, and extremely unique, giving you twists and turn where you would never expect, and made you see the greek gods in a whole new perspective! I love greek mythology and this didn't fail to give.

The writing was beautiful as Carter's always is. So descriptive and whimsical, and such deep emotions that you felt them yourselves. Even the way she built up the characters so you you see them in your mind and connect with them and get another and better understanding of them.

That was another thing. We learnt a lot more about the characters and got to know them and their personalities better. We even get introduced to some new characters and some crazy secrets about the characters, but in this novel the characters true colours were definitely shown.

Tis book was a merely of gorgeous myths, articulated in the most whimsical fashion and I adored it!

Friday, 11 May 2012


So I know this is a tad late but there was a mixup with interviews and I finally have my interview with Julie Kagawa! Hope you enjoy!

Why did you write The Immortal Rules?
I had been toying with writing a post-apocalyptic YA story after The Iron Fey, when my agent suggested I might want to try vampires.  Although not terribly intrigued with the idea at first, I then had the thought of combining the two, and from there everything sort of fell into place.

What sort of research did you have to do for The Immortal Rules? How did you go about doing this?
A lot of research went into The Immortal Rules.  This was the real world, albeit a futuristic, vampire infested world, but the real world nonetheless, and things had to make sense.  A large part of my research involved watching the entire season of The Discovery Channel's Life After People, to see how long it would take buildings and other structures to fall apart.  I researched what would happen to dams, power plants, bridges, ect. if there were no humans around to take care of them.  What would happen to the wildlife?  What would happen to normal pets?  How long would it take for the plant life to retake everything?  Do guns fire underwater?  Lots of questions, and lots of research, but it was essential to make the world of The Immortal Rules even remotely believable.

Can you tell us about the sequel to The Immortal Rules....
I'm in the middle of writing the sequel now, and all I can say is that Allie will meet new and old faces, fight her Hunger, and discover a monstrous enemy who has dark plans for her and the entire world.

Did you want to be a writer as a child?
I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was about 16. That’s when I started seriously trying to write novel-length manuscripts. Trust me, those early works were not things that should ever see the light of day. J Writing is a craft that takes a long time to learn and improve, and it took me fifteen or so years to get to the point where my work was of a publishable quality.
During that time, I pursued many different jobs… but most gravitated towards books or animals. Right before getting published, I was working as a dog trainer, and if I wasn’t writing, I would probably want to be training animals.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?
Martial Arts. My hubby and I are practioners of kung-fu and Kali. We spend a lot of hours throwing each other around and hitting each other with sticks. It’s wonderful stress relief and great exercise. Also video games, which gives me both inspiration and needed down time.

Friday, 20 April 2012


If you could be a God, which one would you be and why? 
 Every time someone asks me this, my answer changes. Right now I’d have to go with Athena. She’s strong, brilliant, and independent, and you can’t beat that. Then again, seeing the Underworld would be pretty great, and who wouldn’t want to be Aphrodite for a day?

Do you see yourself, or anyone you know in your characters? 
 I’m very, very careful about not basing characters off of people I know or myself. For one, if you write someone into a book, you lose a great deal of creative freedom with that character. And second, it opens you up to all sorts of lawsuits (for writing someone in) or very personal hurt (when writing yourself in, and people don’t like that character). Much easier to create your own characters.

Do your family and friends ever try to find themselves in the characters? 
I’m not sure – you’d have to ask them!

Do you have a writing ritual? 
Butt in chair, internet off, fingers on keyboard. I try to be flexible about how, where, and when I write, simply because I don’t want to be held back or give myself an excuse not to write.

What is your most embarrassing moment as a writer? 
Hmm, good question. Awkward typos are pretty embarrassing. Oh! For a writing workshop class, I was reading through a partial from someone named Logan, and the protagonist was a girl. I praised Logan for trying something in the POV from a character who was the opposite gender, and when I got to class later that week, I realized that Logan was actually a girl. We became friends because of it, but I still felt terrible.

So... scoop on the next book? 
My lips are sealed! The best I can tell you is that there will be a 2.5 called The Goddess Legacy, which is a collection of novellas from five different characters (Calliope, Ava, Persephone, James, and Henry) which form one entire story about the gods before long Kate was born. And as for the third one, The Goddess Inheritance, you’ll just have to wait and see, I’m afraid.

Will there be a film? 
Anything’s possible, but right now there are no plans to make it a film.

Out of the two Goddess test books which is your favourite? 
Goddess Interrupted, for sure.

Favourite Author? 
JK Rowling

What is the book you wish you had written? 
I think the stereotypical answer here is Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc. But if I’d written them, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy them, and Harry Potter especially has been such a huge influence on my life that I simply wouldn’t be the same person without it. I’m very happy with the books I do write.

How does it feel to see both of your books such a big phenomenon in the YA market? 
You’re very sweet for saying it’s a big phenomenon! I definitely wouldn’t go that far. Honestly, I’m so thankful for everything. For every reader, for every opportunity, everything. Every day I’m amazed that people I’ve never met are reading one of my stories, and I don’t think that will ever get old.

If you could have dinner with any three people (dead or alive) who would it be and why? 
 My mother (who died when I was a kid), JK Rowling (because seriously), and...hmm. Number three is tough. Let’s go with Ben Barnes. He seems like a great, genuine, funny guy, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty much my personal definition of physical perfection. The less shallow and star-struck side of me wants to say someone like Oscar Wilde or a young Henry VIII, but c’mon.

How much research did you do?
A ton. I love Greek mythology, and I’ve been reading up on it since I was a kid, but a lot went into figuring out which myths to feature, which to hint at, and which not to include. I put a lot of time and effort into twisting the myths as well to try to make the story fresh as well.


Book: Fated
Author: Alyson Noel
Publisher: PanMacmillan
ISBN: 9781447206804
Rating: A+

Strange things have been happening to Daire Santos. Animals follow her, crows mock her, glowing people appear from nowhere. Worried that Daire's having a breakdown, her mother sends her to stay with the grandmother she's never met, who lives on the dusty plains of Enchantment, New Mexico.There Daire crosses paths with Dace, a gorgeous guy with unearthly blue eyes. Her grandmother recognizes Daire's episodes for what they are - a call to her true destiny as a Soul Seeker, a person who can navigate between the living and the dead. Guided by her grandmother, Daire must be quick to learn how to harness her powers, because Dace's brother is an evil shape-shifter, out to steal them. Daire must embrace her fate as a Soul Seeker and discover whether Dace is the guy she's meant to be with ...or if he's allied with the enemy she's destined to destroy.

This was just what I needed. It was just such an amazingly mind-blowing novel, filled with mystery, magic, and a perfect boy. A typical Noel novel... and I loved it! I remember when the Evermore series ended I was really sad to see it go as it was one of my favourite series's but this most definitely filled the void it left. Ever and Damen? Who? It's all about Daire and Dace now. But seriously, this was a gorgeously written novel, with magic and suspense filling the pages and a story so unique It left me hungry for more!

The book is about a whole new type of humanoid creature. Soul seekers. Basically it's  about a girl named Daire who has these visions and goes to stay with her grandmother, who she hasn't met all her whole life and says she can help with the visions. She goes to stay in mexico and learns she is a soul seeker. Training starts, meets boy, the norm... then comes the baddie, he's taken her grandmothers should and...! Da, da, Daaaaa!

The story was so beautifully planned and such a honour to read. The plot flowed from chapter to chapter, and completely unique story, like nothing I have ver read before. The about of time and effort that must have gone into this book is quite clearly visible and that fact that Noel created a whole new typed of creature... well I praise her. The story line was quick, fast paced and kept me enthralled the whole time and before I knew it 500 pages had gone and I was left wanting so much more.

I thought Alyson Noels writing was beautiful before this but, my god, she's done it again... and better. The writing was just so eloquent, so musical! The writing was so lyrical and whimsical, the most stunningly vivid description playing out before your eyes and the most fantastic emotions being written. The balance with the dialogue and secretion was perfected to perfection and my god, this book was like chocolate cake! Sooo good, but leaves you wanting more.

Overall, I think the book was so gorgeously fantastic, with writing so beautiful it will make you melt and a story so perfect you'll be hungry for more.

Here is an amazing Excerpt for you to read! :



Book: House of Night: Legacy
Authors: Daniel Krall , Joelle Jones , Eric Canete , Jonathan Case , Karl Kerschl , Joshua Covey , PC Cast , Kristin Cast , Kent Dalian  
Publisher: Dark Horse
ISBN: 978-1595829627
Rating: B

Until recently, Zoey Redbird was an average high-school student worrying about grades, boys, and breakouts. But priorities have a way of changing when you're Marked as a vampyre, enroll in the vampyre academy House of Night, and have to figure out a whole new social hierarchy, affinities for elemental magic, and physiological changes that make you crave blood! Based on the international bestselling series of novels by mother/daughter duo P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, House of Night: Legacy follows Zoey and her group of devoted friends as they turn to The Fledgling Handbook, a historical vampyre tome, in hopes of better understanding this big, new world of vampyrism.

I got this on whim, from the publishers and I am so glad i did. I've never been big into comics but this was a actually really good! So let's get straight into it!

The story followed very closely to that of the actually book and I don't think anything unnecessary was added. A couple of bits were missed out, but nothing too major. Reading the comic you could still get the idea of the story. It was split into five chapters, one chapter for each element and they all strung together quite nicely.

The drawing were really beautiful actually! The people looked very perfect and although sometimes the drawing could be a tad angular or the heads could be a tiddly bit big for the bodies they were stunning drawings! The colours were nice and blog too, always keeping your eyes on the page.

The thing with these type of book, that you have to be careful with is the balance between pictures and text and this book nailed it! It was a wonderful read, pictures to back up text and give you different details. 

For a comic, I actually really enjoyed it, with beautifully stunning drawings and lovely dialogue. This has definitely shown me the potential of graphic novels and I will be sure to read the second!

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Well today is the Stop for Excellent Reads on the Crave Blog Tour and here you are. Now I don't have an interview to offer, but I do have an awesome review to read which you can view here: CRAVE - MELISSA DARNELL - REVIEW

I hope you enjoy and because I don't have an interview here are some goodies to do with the book.

That trailer was awesome! I hope you enjoyed you stay here fro the crave blog tour and I send you out with the cover for Covet, the second book!   

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Book: The witch of Turlingham Academy
Author: Ellie Boswell
Publisher: ATOM
ISBN: 9781907410956
Rating: B

It's not easy being the only day girl at Turlingham Academy: Sophie misses out on all the midnight feasts and late night gossip. And when new girl Katy turns up it feels like she's bewitching all of Sophie's friends! Katy's no witch, but there is a witch at Turlingham. Katy comes from a long line of witch hunters whose job is to stop evil magic. Sophie is going to help her - anything to get Katy out of her life and get things back to normal. But what she discovers means nothing will ever be normal again!

I have to admit I had my doubts about this before I read it but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually really enjoyed it, a lot! In fact it reminded of the The Worst Witch (a past-time favourite) but more modernised which is always nice to have. The book was quick, snappy, fast paced and pet you interested the whole way through. Definitely a feel-good book. It's one of those book where you read it and you just wish the world would actually be like that, be we all know it's not gonna happen.

The plot was very simple, no complex hidden story lines, it was fun and was easy to follow. I liked it., though. I moved on quickly, kept you thinking and waning to know what happened next. It was very light-hearted and I like to have a breath of fresh air, every once in a while, because of all the books I read.

The writing was nice to read aswell. There was no over description or endless pages of dialogue, just a nice balance that got straight to the point and created a nice vivd image in your mind. It was definitely enjoyable to read and I didn't come out not liking it, so I think Boswell has done a brilliant job with this novel.

The characters were all good, and because their weren't loads of them, It made it easier to get to know them, because of course this is the first book in the series and we don't know them yet. I felt they were all really strong, standalone characters, and you could get really close to them. My favourite characters would have to be Katy and Sophie, because you learn what true friends are from them, something that you find often in out modern day society. This book is perfect for escapism.

Overall the book was funny, fantastic, light-hearted read that kept me glued to it till the end!