Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Top Ten Tuesday - Read In One Sitting

So I'm back *gasp*. It's been a long time - a very long time, to the point that I no longer even receive books for review. But nonetheless, I'm finally at a point in my life (now at uni) where I feel I am on top of things enough to try and do this again. And hopefully stay active this time, so fingers crossed.

I figured I'd kick it off with a Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish - you should got an check out their page if you'd like to do this also. This weeks theme is books Read in One Sitting. Now honestly I haven't got many books for this, because simply, my lifestyle doesn't allow me a large chunk of time to sit and do nothing but read - but thankfully this was clarified as to include ten of the shortest books I've read, top ten books I read in one sitting, ten books to read when you are short on time, top ten books that will make you read the whole day away, etc.

The Tragedy Paper - Elizabeth Laban
I'll be honest - I can't remember too much of reading this one. All I can is that it was a gloomy, miserable day and that I sat down in the morning with this book and that by the evening I was done. And I was so satisfied. The book painted this whole new world or mystery and university (I think?!) and it was so atmospheric that it just drew you in. I just got so lost in this book and could not put it down.
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (Or any Harry Potter book) - J.K. Rowling
Need I say more? The whole serious is Un-put-downable and will keep you engrossed and reading both all day and all night. I've chosen book 1 for this list as it's the shortest and the most realistic option to finish in one day, but let's be honest, we all finished Deathly Hallows the day it came out. I'm not going to say too much because 1. this is a no brainer and 2. there is too much for me to say about why i love this series and that's a blog post for another day.
The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins
This is not the shortest book, I'll admit. But riveting, it is. So much hype had been heard around this and thus I put it off for a long time, but one day on a long train ride to London I decided to pick  it up - and boy am I glad I did. This book is so filled with suspense, mystery and thrill, that you speed through it so quick and it barely feels a fraction of it's size. It's over before you know it. I finished it in two days of broken reading, so I think you can finish this in a day and it would definitely make you read the whole day away.
A court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J Maas
This would be a challenge to finish in a day. Honestly this book is huge, but read your day away you will, with this one. I chose book 2 because book 1 simply didn't have the same effect in me, but this book, the characters, the magic and the world building will captivate you. Such intricate plot filled with everything you could want: drama, magic, mystery, romance and deceit - it's really just a beautiful magical book and you'll be reading from dawn till dusk.
Dorothy must Die - Danielle Paige 
This is an incredible books - part of what makes you read the day away with this is that for many the wizard of oz is a classic, a book or film which we consumed countless times as a child. Paige builds and expands on this classic, weaving in a new a fantastic plot, filled with magic, mystery and a new take on people that we already know - which is part of what I think makes this so captivating.
A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness
There's been a lot of hype around this one recently, and it's definitely worth it. Easily this could be finished in once sitting, especially if you get the version with the beautiful illustrations. The story is short yet deep and very poignant. The writing is also incredible and the way it builds the story will draw you in and have you reading till you've finished this one. Personally, I didn't let myself finish it in one night because it was so beautiful and I didn't want it to end - so I spread it over two nights.
Tinder - Sally Gardner
This one is small but feels long, in a good way. A somewhat new / retelling of a fairy tale, it feels as though there is so much crammed into this story. Filled with so much magic, morals and what feels reminiscent of a grimes and anderson fairy tales I found myself wondering who would read this and it really is everyone. Children, teens and adults, this is a beautiful timeless tale for all and perfect if you're looking for something to curl up with the in the midst of winter and get lost in a magical world.
Coraline - Neil Gaiman
This one I remember reading with my friends, in prep for halloween, and we all finished it in one night. Witty and page turning, whilst also having just the right amount of creep and almost a level of magical realism, what I really loved about this is it re-ignited the child in me. The story took me back to the like of harry potter and the narnia stories - I really wish I had been able to read this when I was a younger child. Definitely worth it, but I'd say make sure you read it at the right time of the year - it really will make a difference.
The Magicians Elephant - Kate DiCamillo
Again, this one is super short and one of the most charming books I have ever read. A heartfelt and warming tale, partnered with beautiful illustrations and set against the backdrop of what feels like a mix of victorian london and paris, this novel took me away. Again reminiscent of a children story for adults, it's magical, heart wrenching and (i'm starting to sound like a broken record) perfect for the winter. It's one that I read so long ago and keep meaning to come back to and maybe this winter I finally will.

So there you go! That's my top *9* (I couldn't think of a tenth) books to read in one sitting and I would honestly recommend you to pick up any of them and have the promise of enjoyment.