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Review Policy

Whilst Reviewing I will always try to be Honest about the book, and I understand how much time and effort goes into writing a book! I will never insult or be rude about an authors work and I always try to see the positive!

I will accept books from Authors, Publishers or Publicists. I am not too specific about Genre, and although YA and Children's are my genre and am willing to try other stuff out there.

As for formats, in some cases I will accept PDf's of Kindle books but no EPubs as I have no way of reading them.

I generally don't accept self-published work but feel free to send me an email with a pitch for your book because hey, some self published stuff can be good! Take Amanda Hocking as a Prime example. I am sorry to say I am now no longer accepted requests for Self Published work.
UPDATE: 2014 The previous statement is seemingly still being ignored so I'll state this again, slightly more obviously: I DO NOT ACCEPT OR REVIEW SELF PUBLISHED WORK

I do accept both Released books, ARC's, Proofs and Kindle/PDF books.

I am always honoured and would love to be quoted for praise on a book!

Feel free to contact me at the address above.

Interview Policy

I am always happy to do interview so again feel free to contact me.

Giveaway Policy

Again, I am happy to host giveaways. If you provide, swag, books and giveaways items for a giveaway the date of the giveaway, the requirements and the country preferences  are all your decision.

Blog Tour Policy

I love being a part of a blog tour so much because I feel that in ten years time I can look back and say I was  part of the release of that book! :) Just drop me an email!



A+ - Most amazing book in the World

A - Loved the Book

B - It was a good book

C - One or two flaws

D - I'm 50/50 on this one

E + - Alright...ish

E - Kinda ...bad

F - I really didn't like it, at all (i think is always hate too strong a word)