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Hello everyone!! Today I have something very exciting to share with you!! Today I am hosting the blog tour for Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini, and I feel so privileged to be a part of this because this actually such an incredible book (you can see me rave about it in my review, the link will be at the bottom).

So anyway for todays blog tour Josie will be talking about her playlist for Trial by Fire, about the sort of music she listened to when writing it and that she associates with it and I loved reading it because it was incredibly interesting and really gave me more depth to the book. Plus she has great music taste so without further ado here is Josie's post!

I always feel bad when I put my playlists together.  I have fringe taste when it comes to music and most of you will have never heard of 99% of what I have here.   I worry because I feel like you won’t be able to connect to me in music—even those of you who connect deeply to my writing—and it will make you feel farther f…