Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Immortals #1 - Evermore - Alyson Noel - UK v US Cover

Very similar cover and a very hard choice for these cover. Evermore is a major Twilight wannabe but it just doesn't live up to the magickal and mysterious mind of meyer. (alitteration)

They are both so intruiging with the purple girl and a tiny hint of colour from the flower along with the silver foiled title. I love the UK title with the larger parts of the V, R, and O but I love the lower case glow on the US. I prefer the position of the quote THE IMMORTALS better on the UK and love the part where it says HE SAID HE'D NEVER LET HER GO but the US auhtor title doesn't have a capital letter which I luuurv. I dont like the pink writing on the US but comment what you think.

Overall I think the UK wins but would be perfect if everything stayed the same on UK but had the US title. But yeas UK are the winners.

Monday, 28 June 2010

The House of Night #1 - Marked - PC & Kristin Cast - UK v US Cover

On these covers they are pretty much the same. One things I luuuuurv about the house of night covers are the clear glossy amazing intricate patterns. For Marked they are the same but I have to say I prefer the UK cover myself.

Seeing as the covers are the same it is tiny details which make the UK cover better. For starters I like the UK font much more. It fits the gothic theme more and it looks like it was marked on with ink. One think I love about both covers is the way it's all black and gothic with a SPLASH of colour. The UK author font works for me along with the better positioning of the moon. The best bit of the UK cover thought is how the UK girls eye has been manipulated pink. It really adds colour and a smidge charecter and the PICK ME UP effect. Also on the UK cover it shows more of the girl and the picture carries on, on the spine. The only thing that lets the UK cover down is that I like the placing of the A HOUSE OF NIGHT NOVEL better on the US.

Love the intricate pattern as usual but this time UK win. Just for the litle extra deatils that seduce me and the US one, well as Zoey would say... Bullpoopie. Just kidding! It is good, just not as good as the UK cover. The main thing that really makes me love the UK more than anything else is the eye. I just love it that shade of pink. But yeas UK wins. :)

Wings - Aprilynne Pike - Review

Book: Wings
Author: Aprilynne Pike
Publisher: Harper Collins Children
ISBN: 9780007314362
Rating: B+

Wings is an amzing book. Many people have commented saying the American cover is better but I think thos cover suits it better becuase although it is classed as TEEN I don't think it has much TEEN content and would probaly class as an 11+. When they say A new kind of fairy tale they mean it. {SPOILER ALERT} Laurel's a plant!

Wings is a book about a girl named Laurel. She owns a house by some woods which gaurds the gate to Avalon and magickal faerie realm. What she doesn't know is that when her parents agree to sell it is that they are selling it to evil trolls who want to destroy the gate. All other buyers off the house brains had been washed by faerie gaurds but the trolls remain untracked. Also what she doesn't know is that she is a faerie changling sent to protect the house. What she does know is that her mum and dad arn't her true parents. Anyway whilst they are going through the process of selling the house they move to the new town where her dad owns a bookstore. She finds it hard to settle into but she meets David a boy at her school who she grows very close too. So close that when a giant flower sprouts from her back she goes to him hoping he won't hand her into labs. Eventually as they discover more about her they find she has the same cells as a plant. Eats and drnks the same nutrients as a plant. And that... she is a PLANT. On a trip back to the house she's selling she finds Tamani. Her love from when she was in Avalon. He explains to her that she is a faerie and that faeries are plants. He also answers many of her other questions. It turns out Laurel became a changeling to inhert the land to keep the gate safe. Caught in a dangerous love triangle between Tamani her long lost and found love and David her boyfriend. Ontop of this the trolls poison Laurel's dad with a poison no human medication can cure. She gets into a lot of trouble with the trolls. First she and david are thrown in a river by the trolls and then get into a big fight invloving guns in a house and somehow Laurel manages to shoot the troll leader. Thinking he is dead she regains some confidence but when he reapears in Spells (the next bok in the LAUREL series) it is all lost. Finally she is praised for her work by the faeries and given a diamond which will give the family enogh money so they won't need to sell the house. Also they give Laurel a potion to cure her dad. From then onwards all is well untill the next book SPELLS
Overall I would say it's a good book and would recomend it to anyone who like fantasy romance or faeries. It is no-where near as good as the wicked lovely series by Melissa Marr but is good in its own way. A good and understandable style of writing has been used and the writing is a decent size. The plot is good and well thought. The charecters have been described very well and the imagination of Pike's mind seems to have no limits. I did thoroughly enjoy this book, but it is a One time read book.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Morganville vampires #1 - Glass Houses - Rachel Cain - UK v US cover


I like them both but I have to admit I prefer the US cover. Before I had seen the US cover I adored the UK one but the US blew me away. Firstly the patterns on the UK are nice but take up a lot of space along with the LARGE title so everything has been very squashed up. Also the half vampire face thing has already been done and the colours are just very dark and dingy. What I do like though is the blood splatters. I think it adds a lot of charecter. The US is vibrant, spaced out, better fonts, more eycatching and better colours. The fonts are much better and the blue stands out! Also I love the way they put the house there glowing. The only thing that lets the US cover down is from neck upwards (including spiky the necklace) I dont like the model with the spikes, piercing etc.

Overall I have to go with the US just for being better as an alrounded cover. :)