Monday, 31 October 2011


So today I am the final stop on the Angel Fire blog tour and I have an exclusive interview with the amazing L.A. Weatherly so I hope you enjoy!

Would you be an AK, Angel or Half Angel?

I think I'd have to choose AK. Though it's a dangerous life, they have a great
camaraderie when they're working together as a team. Being a half-angel would be
really difficult, I think; neither Willow nor Seb have an easy time of it before they
meet each other. And I couldn't possibly choose 'angel' without revealing my evil
side. ;)

Seb or Alex... which is your guy?

Ooh, tough one! I can't actually choose. When I'm writing the Alex scenes I'm totally
in love with Alex, and then when I'm writing the Seb scenes, it's him I'm in love with.
In fact, Angel Fire has shown me how utterly fickle I can be!

What was your inspiration for Angel and why did you pick Angels over Vampires or

It's funny, but I didn't really start out thinking 'I want to write paranormal romance,
so what type of creature should it be about?' Instead, I was just looking for the right
structure for the love story I wanted to tell, which as it turned out needed to have
a supernatural aspect to work. I was also trying to do something original, so was
disappointed to realise that other authors had been writing about angels around the
same time - though as it happened, this worked in Angel's favour. The idea about
angels being beautiful parasites was just one of those wonderful 'what if' things that
come to you sometimes...'What if angels are real, but they're not good and kind like
we think?'

Are any of the characters based on you or people you know?

Most of my characters are based on different aspects of myself, which is why I feel
that I know them so well. The one who's the most like me is probably Seb, with all
his complications and contradictions.

Will there be a movie of Angel?

I hope so. Very excitingly, the film rights to the series have recently been optioned,
so keep your fingers crossed!

When did you know you wanted to write?

I've written almost literally my whole life - one of my first memories is of writing a
story and being very serious about getting it published.

What is your favourite book/s or author/s?

I always find it difficult to answer this question, because it changes on such a regular
basis! (See above point re: fickle.) However, one of my all-time favourites is I Capture

the Castle by Dodie Smith.

How does it feel to see your book in a bookshop or to know you’ve created a
worldwide phenomenon?

Wow, thank you! I don't know that I've quite created a worldwide phenomenon
yet, but I've certainly been extremely touched by people's enthusiasm for the Angel
series. It's wonderful to feel that readers love something that you've written as much
as you do.

If you could meet any 3 people in the world (dead or alive) who would they be?

How about the ultimate writers' dinner-party? For me, this would be Margaret
Mitchell, Mark Twain and L. M. Montgomery.

Thanks for the great questions - and I hope your readers enjoy Angel Fire! :)

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Monday, 3 October 2011


      What inspired you to write The Goddess Test?  
I love Greek mythology, and I’ve always been fascinated with the myth of Hades and Persephone. It was very much a process rather than a moment of inspiration, and the plot came to me in a lot of different pieces over the years. It wasn’t until about a year before I sat down to write the novel that I figured out how to put them all together to create a story I was very excited to write.

      Out of the book who is your favourite character? 
This is tricky. I love them all for various reasons, and while certain ones may not get much page time, so to say, they’re fleshed out in my head, and I love seeing how they react to situations. Henry, James, and Ava are my top three, and I think they all bring something a little different to the page. Either way, they’re never dull to write, that’s for sure.

      Are any Characters based on people you know?
Nope! Though after I wrote the book, I realized that one of the characters (Nicholas) vaguely resembles a good friend of mine who also happens to be called Nick. There are enough differences between them though that I’m pretty sure this is a coincidence.

      If you could spend a day with one god who you it be?  
Hades for sure. I would love to see the Underworld and visit my departed loved ones.

      Also, any sign of a film in the works? 
Not at the moment, but if there’s ever any breaking news, I always post about it on my Twitter account (@aimee_carter). I absolutely love films – I majored in film and screenwriting at university, actually – and would love for it to be made into a movie someday. I don’t have my hopes up, but you never know!

      If you could create a new god what would they be called and what would they be the god of? 
 I think the Greek and Roman pantheon (and Celtic, and Nordic, and the countless different religions throughout the world) pretty much have it covered. Maybe a god of publishing. We could call him/her Austowlingway. (Austen/Rowling/Hemingway)

      Can you give us any spoilers on Goddess Interrupted? 
I will tell you exclusively that the book starts in the September following Kate’s holiday. And that you will meet a new character on the very first page.

      How many books will be in the full series? 
Right now I have two written, and while I could go on, though not necessarily from Kate’s perspective, there are no solid plans to do so just yet.