Monday, 3 October 2011


      What inspired you to write The Goddess Test?  
I love Greek mythology, and I’ve always been fascinated with the myth of Hades and Persephone. It was very much a process rather than a moment of inspiration, and the plot came to me in a lot of different pieces over the years. It wasn’t until about a year before I sat down to write the novel that I figured out how to put them all together to create a story I was very excited to write.

      Out of the book who is your favourite character? 
This is tricky. I love them all for various reasons, and while certain ones may not get much page time, so to say, they’re fleshed out in my head, and I love seeing how they react to situations. Henry, James, and Ava are my top three, and I think they all bring something a little different to the page. Either way, they’re never dull to write, that’s for sure.

      Are any Characters based on people you know?
Nope! Though after I wrote the book, I realized that one of the characters (Nicholas) vaguely resembles a good friend of mine who also happens to be called Nick. There are enough differences between them though that I’m pretty sure this is a coincidence.

      If you could spend a day with one god who you it be?  
Hades for sure. I would love to see the Underworld and visit my departed loved ones.

      Also, any sign of a film in the works? 
Not at the moment, but if there’s ever any breaking news, I always post about it on my Twitter account (@aimee_carter). I absolutely love films – I majored in film and screenwriting at university, actually – and would love for it to be made into a movie someday. I don’t have my hopes up, but you never know!

      If you could create a new god what would they be called and what would they be the god of? 
 I think the Greek and Roman pantheon (and Celtic, and Nordic, and the countless different religions throughout the world) pretty much have it covered. Maybe a god of publishing. We could call him/her Austowlingway. (Austen/Rowling/Hemingway)

      Can you give us any spoilers on Goddess Interrupted? 
I will tell you exclusively that the book starts in the September following Kate’s holiday. And that you will meet a new character on the very first page.

      How many books will be in the full series? 
Right now I have two written, and while I could go on, though not necessarily from Kate’s perspective, there are no solid plans to do so just yet.



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  1. Oh I love Aimee Carter! The Goddess Test was an amazing read! I can't wait for the release of Goddess interrupted (: oh hun you have the date number mix up though you have 2010 done (: dam key boards! Just thought Id let you know (: Awesome interview!

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