Monday, 30 March 2015

Apologies and Explanations

Photo from my instagram @arjunthakrar
Okay guys, we need to talk and by that I mean I have some apologies and explaining to do to you. So as you've more than obviously noticed I've been extremely inactive this year, even after promising I'd try to be more active. So now I'm going to explain why. By no means have I abandoned the blog nor do I want to. I seriously love this blog so much and connecting with you all and sharing my love for books and reading with you all. In fact it's really frustrating for me to be unable to devote the amount of time I'd like to to this blog. So to reader, authors and publishers, I'm insanely sorry for my lack of presence. Anyway apologies aside let me explain why it's been this way. Last September I started my first year of A levels and quite honestly I had no idea the amount of time they'd take up in my life and they did take up way loads of time. I found that not only did I have no time write blog posts but I had no time to read either, unless you count textbooks and revision guides. Anyway, the issue of time has only increased as the year has progressed, the A Levels becoming much heavier and more time consuming. Anyway I'm at the point now where my exams are in 6 weeks and I have literally no time to do anything except revise. Taking the time out to write this post, I still have revision in the back of my mind, however I've been so consumed by guilt over my inactivity on this blog both for the reader and the publishers that I felt I needed to take the time out to write this post and at least explain to you why. Henceforth for the next 6-10 weeks, unfortunately, this blog will continue in this horrible state of inactivity - HOWEVER, as soon as my exams are over I promise to god, I'm going to post so much on here you won't know whats hit you. By no means do I want to call quits and once exams are over I will be reading everything and posting so much on here. In the mean time I'll try to maybe get some stuff up but if I don't I'm really sorry and I hope you guys understand. I feel really bad guys, but I'll be back soon!!!