Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Vampireology - Nick Holt - Review

Just to let you know I couldn't find a summary for the book, and this review may be a lot shorter than a fiction book as it is Non-Fiction.

Book: Vampireology
Author: Nick Holt
Publisher: Templar Publishing
ISBN: 9781848776661
Rating: A+

To start off I want to say this is NOT for the faint hearted. Anyone who gets scared by horror or the original vampire, well this is not for. This is really creepy, but also totally awesome. Just beware because this could give you some serious night mares. 

  Just A Fact
   Do Not Read
    After Dark

I absolutely adored this book. It was so cool, with fake letter, and fake shards of a sword. It was pretty awesome. I love the tale of the three fallen ones. Pretty cool. I also love how seeing a vampire AND fallen angels (love those bad guys!) they've included both. YAY FOR ME! The cover is stunning, The sliver foil has a awesome effect along with the plastic ruby encrusted in the middles part of the book. My favorite part was probably the holographic image showing the beautiful lady (who's name i've forgotten :P), and then it changes to the same photo with vampirc features. I also loved the fake replica of the sword of angels in the back cover. Oh yeah...

I do like the ology series. They are pretty cool, because I now have Dragonology, Wizardology (bought with HP 7) and Vampireology. I also 'The dragon's eye' a fiction book made to go with dragonology. The dragon's eye. i have to admit, was one of my favorite books.

Anyway that was my review, and yes i would recommend it to anyone, just not thos with a faint heart and... well... i guess that's it! :)

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