Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dark Visions - L.J. Smith - Review

This is the bind up copy of all three books in the dark visions series: The Strange power, The Possessed, The Passion

Book: Dark Visions (Bind Up - The Strange Power, The possessed, The Passion)
Author: L.J. Smith
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781847386823
Rating: A+

The strange power: Kaitlyn is an artist, but not an ordinary one; everything she draws comes true. When she is invited by Dr Xetes, a scientist who is studying psychic abilities, to join his school of "talented individuals" in California, Kaitlyn is only too happy to go. There she meets Rob, a healer, and Gabriel, a dark lone wolf, who apparently wants nothing to do with her. But with so much supernatural energy going around, it's hardly surprising that the psychics soon develop a telepathic link that can't be broken. The Possessed: Having learned the dark secrets of the psychic institute, Kaitlyn and her new friends are on the run, not even daring to contact their parents or old friends. As the group hide-out together they grow closer and Kaitlyn finally discovers Gabriel's dark secret: he's a psychic vampire. In order to survive he needs to drain other people's life-force, but he's been holding back to keep others safe. Kaitlyn offers herself as a source - and finds the experience not entirely un-enjoyable. The Passion: Back at the lab, captured like animals, Kaitlyn and her friends are still in danger from the evil Dr Xetes. To escape they will need to face the true meaning of what their psychic link really means. But Kaitlyn is battling with an internal conflict too: Rob or Gabriel? Sunlight or darkness? She'll need to search her heart for the answer.

I actually really enjoyed this book, which is a big compliment coming from me, as it didn’t like the Night World, and the Vampire Diaries (although they were still good). It was nice to read something light, just about a psychic girl, compared to some of the other stuff that I’ve been reading lately which have been quite heavy-going. It was nice just to read something with a supernatural romance but not so dark and gothic.

The book has a fantastic plot. LJ Smith has a way of describing everything in this book, especially the emotions, but the great bit about the book is that it moved just at the right pace. Not too fast, not too slow – just right. I felt this book, was all very close to reality, so close in fact that I imagined it actually happening.

“I want a pure crystal”

The whole book was very well thought out, and the research done into it must have taken a while. The idea of crystals was a clever one. So awesome, I want a Pure Crystal. Then I could see I have Psychic abilities and enhance. Just Kidding! (About the abilities – I still want that crystal! GRRR)

The spin off at the end was great, but Kait with Gabriel felt wrong, but I think it could have just been the fact that in all the books I’ve read recently the girl always falls/ends up with the bad boy – and to be honest I think Kait and Rob would be better together that Kait and Gabriel.

The characters were amazing. It’s so cool how LJ Smith can make common names really cool, one thing many authors struggle with. The characters would be easy to relate to, and partly the book, is a classic run-away story with a supernatural twist, so that was cool.

Overall the book was fantastic, definitely five stars – SO BUY IT! (Because it rocks

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