Friday, 15 October 2010

Knife - R.J. Anderson - Review

The reason this review is so short is because the book was so amazing I was stuck for words.

Book: Knife
Author: R.J. Anderson
Publisher: Orchard Books
ISBN: 9781408303122
Rating: A

Once upon a time, a fairy is born. She lives in an old oak tree at the bottom of a garden with the rest of the fairy folk. Never has she known a time when life hasn't been hard, with many dangers and much adversity. But when she becomes the Hunter of the group and learns to do battle in the outside world, her adventures really take off...Don't read this book if you're expecting fairy dust - the last thing Knife is likely to wield is a magic wand...

This book found its way to my heart, where it is under lock and keep.

Not many ways to describe this book. Took me two days to write the review and let me tell you this book was amazing – I cannot wait to read the next two and for the fourth one to come out.

The book is a sort about trust and loyalty in a sense. It is about a faery who basically wants more out of life than the usual. She wants to explore not just the outside but her emotions too.

I don’t think it is a YA book. Definitely an 11+/children but not YA. It verges on a romance but not enough of a romance to be classed as a Teen/YA.

I liked the variation of the two worlds, and how all the pieces slotted together as you read on.

Trust me on one thing – I finished the book – then I went round my local town shoving my hands into holes in oak trees looking for faerys.

Well done Anderson – I <3 your book. 

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