Monday, 11 April 2011

Fanmade The Iron King Cover

So... what do you think. I haven't really done a movie style FanArt yet, this is my first. Yay, Nay? If you want to request a cover  it's DELETED


  1. Not bad. When a novellist writes a time-honoured character as her own, you can expect that not everyone will like it. the same goes for pictures, too, I guess, with Puck and Grim. Meghan's makeup and actress choice perhaps doesn't capture the innocence and tomboyishness of her character, but overall, I can appreciate the interpretation.

  2. NAY, I saw Ash having a sharper jaw line. Puck had longer hair that is red and didn't look like a twelve year old. Megan she is pretty but I pictured the girl who plays as Emma/Amanda on the TV hit series Revenge.

  3. if u need a charecter for a girl i might be good for the part im blond and i live in N.Y. and i love the book and the cover!!