Thursday, 2 June 2011

Interview - Josephine Angelini

Okay, so I had my first ever Interview with Josephine Angelini and as any of you who have read Starcrossed know, she is AMAZING! Anyway, Just though I share the Interview with you.

I case you hadn't figure, this Is Josephine Angelini! So pretty isn't she!

1 - Where did you inspiration come from?

It was actually a very lucky accident. I saw a copy of Romeo and Juliet sitting next to The
Iliad on my bookshelf, and it hit me. What if I took Homer’s amazing characters and set it up so that if two teenagers fell in love they would start a war? Then I took the opening line of Romeo and Juliet, which begins: “Two Households…”

And I started writing

2 - How much research did you do?

I didn’t have to do too much, actually. I studied Classical Theatre in college, so I was already familiar with the material. When I sat down to start outlining the plot for Starcrossed, I realized that I only had to look up a few facts here and there, but mostly just to double check. I was surprised—I must have been paying better attention in class than I thought!

3 - If you could be a demigod, which house would you belong to?

I would like to start my own House-- The House of Dionysus! We’d go to the theatre all day
and dance all night! I wouldn’t really have any superpowers, but I bet I’d have a lot of fun.

4 - Is Helen or any of the other characters based on you or anyone you know?

All of my characters are based on bits and pieces of me, my friends, people I’ve met over
the years, but then they change. I start with what I know, and then as I work, each character grows and changes to become someone unique that works inside my story.

5 - How long did it take you write the book?

Starcrossed took me a month to outline, eight months to write, and then forever to edit!
Writing really is about rewriting, polishing, and constantly tweaking until the story is
seamless. That’s where the real work is.

6 - To be honest you are one the best authors I’ve read this year so are there any other books in the works (Apart from Starcrossed 2# and 3#)?

Thank you so much for that compliment! I’m very flattered. Right now I’ve finished the
second book in the trilogy—it’s called Dreamless, and I’m starting work or book 3. I have
an idea for another supernatural YA series, but that will have to wait. Right now my brain is thoroughly occupied.

7 - Will there be a movie?

There’s been a lot of interest in making a movie, but I’m not thinking about selling the rights at the moment. Maybe someday—but right now I want to focus on the books.

8 - Which is your favourite of the ‘Boys’?

Lucas! They’re all special to me, but Lucas really is “my guy”.

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