Monday, 5 September 2011


Book: Sequence
Author: Adrian Dawson
Publisher: Last Passage
ISBN: 9780956577016
Rating: A+

"A naked male, dead in an alley with bullets that make no sense. Fingerprints burned away, tattoos completely removed and a note, written in 13th Century Latin secreted about his person, along with the name and room number of an autistic psychiatric patient. Of all the possible avenues, the last road LAPD detective Nick Lambert wanted was the long drive to Oakdene to interview the girl. It gets much worse when he discovers 
that as well as being autistic, the girl is also mute. But when an off-hand comment from the nurse piques Nick’s attention, he can’t help but follow the lead. What he finds will slowly turn his entire world - his entire existence - upside down. Nick suddenly finds himself at the heart of a centuries old struggle to find - and hide - the kind of valuable information that mankind should never, ever be allowed to possess. It is only when Nick realises that he was a key player in the game long before it started that he will discover the true importance of those around him. Nick has inadvertently stumbled into the most important human being who ever lived. One who will not only change the world once, but will do it over and over again. He will discover many things about the girl... What she has to hide is the most important thing of all."

I have been pondering over writing this review for a couple of days now because I want
to get it so perfect. I want express how amazing I though this book was and how much I
loved it without putting too much repetition or stuff like that in this revieww, so I found a
word to describe this book: Phenomenal. It’s one of the many words you could describe
this marvellous, stupendously, fantastic book with.

Now you see this book blew of my feet. This is an action packed, fast paced thriller filled
with mystery and lore. It’s an amazing novel and for a 500 page book an incredibly fast
read, and honestly I read it in two days, because I couldn’t stop. I even stayed up until
12 O’clock at night reading it.

No this book has way to much in it to place brief of what happened, but it has a lot of
time travel and it is set in the future a lot. I suppose a good way to put it is that it had
everything you want in a book and every good quality an epic novel should have. This
novel was absolutely stunning!

Now from the first chapter I was in the book. I have to admit, it was a bit slow getting
into it but from about chapter five I was very much so sucked into the book and all its
amazingness. The description is all so vivid and perfect, making every part so real and
so there.

Now this book was definitely a step away from my usual Genre of book, but I am so
glad I had the opportunity to read this because I loved it so much, and to miss this book
is to miss a super book of brilliant possibilities.

Now the plot... well it was one heck of a plot, and it takes a while to get your head
around, because there is quite a bit of time travel involved. There is so much crammed
into this book. It has romance, action, lies, mystery, time travel, and it also has an
aspect of every genre on the market including dystopian, sci-fi, religious, fantasy and

The writing was really nice to read actually. When I first started to read it, I had some
trouble adjusting to the style of writing, but I soon found that it was incredibly enjoyable,
from the smooth prose and description to the quirky, cuss filled dialogue. I admit the
dialogue was actually very fun.

Now this is a very complex book and can get quite complicated because there are so
many numbers involved, and so much time travel, but don’t let that put you off because
once you get your head around it, it’s one hell of a thrill ride. In two words it would have
to be: Bloody Brilliant!

The characters are all so well built up and so strong in sense of emotion, that you feel
so close to them. What I’m trying to say is that they get so well built in your mind they
become, in reality, your friends. Their foundations are all strong and there a fair few
surprises with the characters, some obvious and some not. As for my favourites, they
would have to be Josef Klein, and Alison Bond. Klein comes across so

bad and dominion-ic and at heart he’s still the goody, and Alison for the fact she
is such an amazing person.

I suppose in a way, at the end it’s really Heart-warming, and it has such a lovely ending
it makes it worth the whole book. It is a terribly beautiful story, and I can tell you now
that the Sequence of number has dictated that I absolutely, irrevocably, unconditionally
love this book.

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  1. Hello Arjun,

    I am so glad that you found Sequence a great read, I'll admit that it wasn't the easiest to write, but I do believe, and based on your review I guess so do you, that the balance of action, interaction, pace and characters were a good combination.

    If you, or any of your readers, have any queries or questions on Sequence, or indeed my earlier novel Codex, please feel free to contact me via my website.

    Best wishes,