Sunday, 25 March 2012


Book: The Wood Queen
Author: Karen Mahoney
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9780552563826
Rating: A

Born into the mysterious world of an ancient alchemical order, Donna has always been aware of the dark feud that exists between the alchemists and the fey. Her own mother - bound by a dark Faerie curse - has been confined to a hospital bed for as long as she can remember ...But now there is a chance to release her, and Donna will stop at nothing until she is free. Armed with her own brand of powerful magic, Donna must face the fearsome Wood Queen in order to save her mother. But in the Ironwood - a place that haunts Donna's dreams - there is far greater and more dangerous magic already at work...

I have to admit this didn’t disappoint. I flew through almost as quickly as I flew through the Iron Witch and I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it. It was fast, quick paced and thrilling, keeping your on the tips of you toes till the very end. I couldn’t pull my head out of this one. The story line picks up pretty much where we have got to in our minds, leaving of from the Iron Witch, and Donna is at her trials. The story is very different to a lot of other book I have read and although the plot didn’t really stand out as amazing it had a certain charm about it. The storyline was good, but I felt that it may have been a slight tad less unique than the Iron witch, but still I loved it nonetheless. The ideas were still magical and brilliant and very very good. The characters were all well built up, and they were just expanding from what we already knew about them, but I felt that Xan played less of a part in this and it was more focused and Donna which is a good thing. My favourite character would have had to be Navin! The writing was beautiful. Juts like last time it was strong and not overly descriptive but in a certain way, kind of lyrical and whimsy. I really liked it. Overall it was a great book and I really did like it!

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