Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Book: Endure
Author: Carrie Jones
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 9781408821190
Rating: A+

Zara is back from Valhalla after successfully rescuing Nick. Bedford needs their best warrior now more than ever, as the evil pixie regime is causing mass destruction and chaos everywhere. Though Nick's job is clear, Zara's role is a lot more uncertain. She's not just fighting for her friends - she's also a pixie queen. And to align her team of pixies with the humans she loves so much will not be as easy as she hopes. Especially since she can't even reconcile her growing feelings for her pixie king ...

This is definitely the way to Finish a series. I can most honestly say I adored this book to the most. I have loved this series from the beginning, as it is such a magical and different unique story and this is the way to send Zara and her friends off. The book had absolutely you want in a final book packed into it! It was filled with action, love, twists, turn and magic. It kept you glued to the pages till the very end. This book played of your need for a captivating book and enticed you completely.

The Book is easy to pick up from the events of Entice and follow on nicely. I felt that this book really exposed the characters for what they were. There was no hiding, and I felt that in this book everyone's true colours were shown. This book followed Zara in her quest to stop the end of the world and free Loki. 

The plot was relatively easy to follow but at some points it slightly confused me, as the characters were confused themselves, but it was good in a way, because a couple of chapters downy he line you would read something that pieced all together and you'd be like ohhh! thinking that you were really clever and that you worked it out. The plot has definitely had so much time and effort poured into it and it really makes you so sad that the series has come to and end, although it does have a happy ever after: ;)

Carrie Jones's writing it one of my favourites. I always find it a pleasure to read her work as I always find it so whimsical and musical. The decryption always seems to flow like a stream in your mind creating this vivid picture of everything that is happening and the thoughts and emotions that are reeling through the minds of characters. This book didn't disappoint. It kept up to the standard of the writing and was a gorgeous book to read.

The characters just seem to grow and grow. In this one their true colours started to show and you got a grip of their emotions so much better. They just seemed to grow stronger and just grow up generally. I think the fact that there isn't to many characters involved and it has stayed that way from book 1 really helps you to watch the group grow up and watch them tie bonds and friends.

My favourite character is most definitely Hel. {SPOILER} Hel, as in a person not, the place. The person who rules the place. I think she is prime example of don't judge a book by tis cover or the first time you read it. Obviously she beat Zara up the first time but afterwards she just seems so warming, and helpful. Almost motherly, and if Jones were to write another novel or Novella, I would like to see it based on Hel! {SPOILER END}

The Book over all was beautifully written, with a lyrical prose and exquisite description. The perfect way to end a prefect series. Goodbye Zara, and friends.

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