Friday, 16 January 2015


So guys this is the final part of my Mime Order blog tour and after reading the book, I decided for my final post I wanted make almost like a playlist for the book with some music that I really felt suited the story, the world and the relationships, so without further ado here are my choices.

Hearts Without Chains - Ellie Goulding

I picked this because not only does it have a slow and slightly haunting feel to it but it also has this rough yet soft and tender side to it and just listening to the lyrics I feel like they sum up Paige and her situation in a whole song, and I feel there is no better representation for her than this song.

Everybody's Watching Me - The Neighbourhood

This song, I felt fitted, because it's about always being watched by so many people and feeling like you need to get away and hide, and for Paige that is this book. Also the song has very rough and dark vibes that match the slightly darker tone to this book.

A World Alone - Lorde

I picked this, because whilst it doesn't describe the whole setting in this book, I feel like it describes Paige's personal world or feeling alone and being in constant fear, whilst still getting those rare and scarce free breathless moments.

I know places - Taylor Swift

I picked this one because I feel like the lyrics and song sum up the relationship between Warden And Paige. It's this forbidden relationship, that once people find out there will be people ready to hunt them. Also how they only get brief moments with each other but when they do they're always in moments of fear or chaos. I think the vibe and tone of the song is also kind of dark and hypnotic, basically like Warden and Paige!

Sorry there's no video of this song because youtube won't allow it due to copyright.

Animals  - Maroon 5

I think this song is perfect for Paige's situation of being on the run and being hunted by so many people. The lyrics represent her having to hide and run and yet still have so many eyes on her at the same and only being able to find a little solstice in Warden.

So there you have it!! They are my five songs that I've picked so I hope you like them and comment on whether you agree or disagree that they fit the story!?

Also I finally want to give a massive thank you to bloomsbury for letting me be a part of this amazing blog tour and a part of the release for the Mime Order!!!

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