Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Passage - Justin Cronin - UK v US Cover


Completely different covers. UK: Amazing, gloomy, mysterious, dark, edgy. US:
"Mommy can I go on the conputer" says the three year old sitting by his mac.
"Sure thing sweety pie"
"Thanks mommy" He types into google 'Pretty Woods'. He finds a picture of Bland trees that are blue with a bit of yellow in the middle and thinks 'Ooooh thats pretty' but really its not. After all he's just a kid. He wants to put some writing on but he's young so he cant make it look good. He just mashes on the words THE PASSAGE A NOVEL JUSTIN CRONIN. It looks very bad but he thinks its good. Also the cover has no relevance to what it's suposed to be about.

The UK cover has that sort of edgy dark feel to it. The fact that it is shiny adds the darkness because at night, curtains closed lying in bed lamp on you look at the bookshelf and you see this shiny reflective girl with mourning dark eyes. Creepy. This is what I mean by SHINY:


See what I mean. TOTALLY creepy. It's generally better and suits the book more whereas the US looks like a toddlers has found a picture and stuck some lousy writing on you see. I hate the US cover and I would never pick it up in a shop and if I knew it was an amazing (like I did before I managed to get my hands ona signed copy) I would have got the UK covered one from an online store. I really just think the US cover is bad apart from the 'A NOVEL' bit. I love the way that although the UK cover is CREEEEEEPY it has the white writing saying 'Something is coming' It's awesome.

Overall I luuurv the UK cover the Best. :) Well done ORION books you have created a rockin' cover.

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