Thursday, 4 August 2011


Book: Entice
Author: Carrie Jones
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 9781408810446
Rating: B

Entice is one of those books, that as soon as you read it, strikes you as amazing. I absolutely love this series. It was just by fluke I picked up 'Need' because it had a pretty cover but I'm glad I did. This is the third book in the amazing series, and I suppose I really did like it except for a small issue I had.

In this third book it literally picks up from the last book and it's all about getting to Valaha. Surprisingly Betty doesn't care that Zara is a Pixie and it's all go to find Nick! This book literally is just and action packed bridge between Captivate and the fourth and final book on the saga, that mainly zones in on the growing chemistry between Zara and Astley.

This book , I really did enjoy it, but i felt it kind of lacked... or dragged. I suppose it just wasn't really needed. It sort of left you waiting for something to happen, which it doesn't untill about halfway through the book, though when the stuff does happen it's brilliant. The action is intense and epic and it's romantic in flurries of snow...

I absolutely love Carrie Jones's writing. It so lite if you get me. For such a Paranormal book, it's not heavy, or gothic, or even a big read for that matter, and i've always found this a really nice series to read when i'm just in the mood for something less heavy. This book had the same beautifully written prose that kept me enticed the whole way through. The plot was wavy slightly but it still worked.

The Characters have all grown up. Issie and Devyn are all sorted, and we see a lot more of Cassidy in this one, but i feel that Zara really matured in this one and really kicked-ass. I mean this is a brilliant, kick-ass book! I suppose we really got to see and know Astley though and that was really good, so I'd say he was my fave Character because he loved Zara but he wanted her to be happy so he just let her go search for Nick and he helped her all the way.

This was a enticing novel that captivated me and has left me needing the last one.

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