Wednesday, 20 February 2013


So recently my Cover of the Week has been tied in with other things such as cover reveals, but this cover is so stunning I'm going to tie it in with a Uk vs US cover.


Right so lets get started. When Anna dressed in blood was released there was no questioning it. The UK cover won, but this time round I really stuck. Obviously the main image is the same but the way they have been done are completely different. So lets take the covers apart one bit at a time. The tagline. The UK has the tagline Spellbinding and romantic, whereas the american just has spellbinding. I find that the single word quote works for me better. With the US tagline I like how it is smaller and doesn't stand out too much but I think it's too low down, whereas the UK tagline is higher up. So overall I think the US tagline just wins. Author title. Right well this is draw, because although the UK author title is a tad big for my preference the us one has patterns that are rather distracting. Main title. Well they're the same, so it comes down to the image and colours. Putting all of this aside, looking at both the covers you cant help but think, my god they're beautiful, but back to business. I don't know, I think the idea of having some parts red and some parts grayscale on the uk cover is very clever but something about it seems off to me. Maybe it the fact that her lower skin has colour but her upper doesn't?  And also the glow around her hair on the UK seems a little too pretty fairytale for a horror. And then the US. Migod. The whole red effect creates a completely magical feel. A very fairytale feel, but the kind of this-is-about-a-blood-thirsty-i'm-gonna-kill-you-ghost fairytale. And the red to me just screams blood. This is mega hard for me cause they are both beautiful and theres not to much difference but I think US has to win.

Cover of the week:
Well pretty much says it above.

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